As a full service company, we provide striping for parking lots and garages in addition to parking maintenance. Some of our services are listed below. If a service you would like to have isn’t mentioned, please email us to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Handicap Parking Space Painting

We comply with the federal ADA guidelines for handicap spaces many of our competitors do not follow. We want you to be 100% confident you are in compliance with the ADA standards to best serve your customers.

Paint Quality

We focus on high quality oil based paint due to the tendency to last longer and resist water so the lines are visible. We will paint the lines how you would like us to stripe using fast drying paint, drying in about 15 minutes. Water based paint may be requested.

Striping FAQ’s

What do we need to do before you paint the lot?

All vehicles must be removed prior to painting the lot.

When do vehicles need to be removed?

All vehicles must be removed on the scheduled date of striping an hour before the scheduled arrival on the day of striping. Vehicles may return to the lot an hour after job completion.